Thursday, March 15

Love Hurts

It hurts when someone you love so much doesn`t feel the same,
It hurts even more when your heart's breaking and u can`t cry,
One thing that haunts me every day and every night is your name,
I`say i`m happy for you, but you`d know it`s all a lie.
I told myself i would never come in between you and your girl,
I know you're happy with her, i can see it in your eyes, I can hear it in your voice,
My heart breaks every time you say that she`s your girl,
I wanted to be your girl but i guess i was never your first choice.
Looking at you, looking at her, i wondered if i could’ve made you happy,
Your smile, your laughter, your face and your voice is burned in my head,
But then again i don`t think i could`ve ever made you happy,
Sometimes thinking about you and her makes me want to die instead.
I promised myself that i will continue loving you no matter what,
I also promised myself that I will never jeopardize your happiness,
I cant lie but my love for you will never part,
I promise you I will be by your side if you’re ever in pain or sadness.
This is my promise to you as a friend and as someone who loves you dearly <3