Sunday, January 29

Missing my capital 'F' :'*

Hi :3
Let’s be honest!
If you came back into my life, I would take you back in a heartbeat <3
I miss everything about you :'\
You’ll always be the one that I’ll never get over.
I get really tired of missing you :'(
 I’ll just sit here for hours replaying what went wrong if I did something maybe I could have been better
I don’t try to dwell on the past but for some reason you were the hardest one to let go
But then I’ll wipe away the tears and just hope that you never hurt like this. 
Hope that she treats you better then I did.
Hope that every time I shed a tear that it’ll create an ocean to separate me from you.
I know it’s silly and that missing you this much is foolish but…
I just can’t help it. 
It’s funny my friends hated you.
 Hated everything about you the way you looked, walked, talked.
They said I was too good for you and yeah they were right!
But I didn’t listen and instead I let you break my heart.
Hopefully one day I’ll find someone better then you
Someone that makes me never have to think of you again
But until that day I’ll keep secretly missing you </3